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We’ve done the homework for you with auto reform; special opportunity for your office By Jeff Spindler, Director of Property/Casualty Programs

Lost in the chaos caused by COVID-19 and the recent election is the fact that auto insurance drastically changed in the state of Michigan on July 2. Since these changes affect policies as they renew, there’s a possibility you have yet to consider what they mean for you and your family. In a “normal” year,… Continue reading

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Cast a wider net using in-office dental plans

Local businesses want alternatives to costly dental insurance. Provide them with an in-office plan directly through your practice. QDP does the heavy lifting and you get more new patients! Now is the time to learn what an IOP can do for your practice and its profitability. MDA-endorsed Quality Dental Plan offers you the lowest cost… Continue reading

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Henry Schein and TDSC Join Forces to Form New Entity

A significant change happened in the U.S. dental supply market in October, when Henry Schein completed the agreement with the California Dental Association’s The Dentists Supply Company to become, Powered by Henry Schein. The CDA retains an interest in the newly formed operating company. An advisory committee consisting of 12 dental association leaders including… Continue reading

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