You might be an expert in family dentistry.

But do you know how to evaluate your family health insurance policy?

WE DO. Get back to basics with an MDA Insurance health insurance seminar. Offered in four locations throughout the state.


What if you could have all your insurance needs met in one place?

With MDA Insurance you can!

Whether you’re looking for coverage for you, your home, or your office, we have everything you need in our “one-stop shop.”


Cyber invincibility
is a fairy tale.

Data thieves can exploit human error and technology vulnerabilities to access your kingdom of protected information. Shield yourself.

MDA Insurance and MDA Services have what you need to build your army of protection.

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It's MDA membership renewal time!

Learn how to get the most value from your membership, and save as much as your dues cost, or more.


You know how to restore your patient to perfect occlusion.

But do you know how to navigate a malpractice claim?


Get all your insurance from the most trusted and knowledgeable source.


You bring the concept of pearly whites to an all-new level.

But do you know how to find the best business management tools for your office?


Get access to the best financial programs and business management services through the most trusted and knowledgeable source.


Put your MDA membership to work for you.


Use the insurance programs developed by dentists, for dentists. Access MDA-endorsed financial and business management programs to improve the efficiency and profitability of your practice.

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DBS Investment Advisers, LLC endorsed for wealth management

Get the help you need to plan and save for your retirement and other financial goals by working with DBS Investment Advisers, LLC (DBSIA). DBSIA can assist with retirement savings plans for your practice and with individual portfolio management. Contact DBSIA at, call 800-327-2377, or email DBSIA has a paid endorsement with the… Continue reading

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Don’t let constant IT woes zap your focus and budget

  MDA-endorsed Complete Dental IT is your one-stop solution! They will handle all your IT and compliance needs, so you can focus on what matters most: your patients and their smiles.   Benefits: Fort Knox security: Keep patient data safe with airtight HIPAA compliance. • Sayonara server snafus: Wave goodbye to downtime and tech meltdowns…. Continue reading

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Loss-of-use coverage advised when renting vehicles.

Consider adding loss-of-use coverage to your auto policy if you plan to rent a vehicle soon. Car rental agencies often charge the renter a daily fee for the time a vehicle is unusable due to a collision that occurred during the rental. The cost can be significant. Talk to an MDA Insurance auto and home… Continue reading

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