Precious Scrap Metal Refining

You’re already earning 5% more as an MDA member–now get a total of 7% more on precious scrap metals refining!



One valuable benefit of membership in the MDA is access to a reputable resource for refining your practice’s precious metals. D-MMEX EasyRefine will pay you a 5% bonus on the total value of your metals, and provide a report stating the value of all precious metals in your submission. You can now enjoy a service endorsed by 11 state dental associations and used by thousands of dentists internationally, while maximizing your return.

Be Paid More-than-Fair Value.

  • Receive 97% of gold value, 90% of silver, platinum and 85% of palladium.
  • Trade bullion terms on London-based market.
  • Earn a 5% MDA member bonus on total value of your metals.

Get Documentation to Prove It.

  • Each submission is individually melted and assayed to determine the true precious metal content and its breakdown.
  • You receive a detailed, all-element analysis report (including gold, platinum, palladium and silver) illustrating the value of your shipment.
  • Fingertip access to current market prices at

Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Order a free shipping kit at, or call D-MMEX USA at 800-741-3174.
  2. Gather your precious scrap metal, put it in the sealing shipping container and call FedEx for a free pick-up.
  3. Be sure you specify you’re an MDA member on your submission form to receive your  5% bonus.

Highly recommended.
“I have to tell you guys how thrilled I am with Easy Refine. They are nice, professional, and a joy to have on my professional team. I just sent in some scrap metal from around the office and their prices/reimbursement is very fair. I would highly recommend them to another CDA member!”
—Dr. Lindsay Compton, Generations Family & Cosmetic Dentistry,  Arvada, Colorado

D-MMEX EasyRefine was extensively tested by the MDA and consistently demonstrated a commitment to assisting MDA members in maximizing precious scrap metal returns in a detailed, ethical, and professional manner, with returns improving by as much as 30% on clients’ existing arrangements. For secure scrap shipping material or more details on the EasyRefine program, please contact MDA Services at 800.860.2272, ext. 465.



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