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Affordable Care Act Overview Video

This video provides a brief overview of the Affordable Care Act.

Word to the Wise

Never submit manual claims for multiple family members to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in one envelope. For better service, use different envelopes.

Group and Individual Programs Available

Today’s financial world requires a wide variety of insurance and financial options to address both your individual needs and the needs of your employees. MDA Insurance offers its own group health plan, the MDA Health Plan, available exclusively to MDA members. We also provide group health insurance from BCBSM and individual MyBlue plans. For more information please call us at 877.906.9924.

There are Small But Important Differences Between Simply BlueSM and Community BlueSM

  • Referrals
  • Emergency Room
  • Physical, Speech & Occupational Therapy
  • Outpatient Visits
  • Urgent Care
  • Pre- & Post-Natal
  • Allergy Testing
  • Inpatient Mental Health

Call 877.906.9924 for details.

Personal Appointments Available

MDA Insurance provides the option of on-site visits to discuss the issues that apply to your particular situation. To set an appointment at your convenience, please call 877.906.9924 and ask for an appointment.

Small Group Health Insurance Solutions

With a group health insurance program, the business is the policy holder and all participating employees are offered the same benefit option(s) from which to choose. Employees may pay for all or part of their premium through payroll deduction. Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan offers group health insurance plans for groups of two or more employees. All plans are compliant with Health Care Reform and are categorized within products by platinum, gold, silver and bronze metal tier levels. For information about large group plans for 100 or more employees, please click here.

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Creditable Coverage Standards For Pharmacy Benefit

To find out which plans meet the creditable coverage standards, please select a link below:

Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan  | Blue Care Network

You’ll find complete details on the Creditable Coverage section of the Federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website.

Other Small Group Plans

2024 BCBSM Small Group Medical Product Menu (PDF)
For a more detailed benefits-at-a-glance for the plans listed below, please contact your health insurance representative, Tina Voss at 877-906-9924, ext. 479 or via email at

2024 BCN Small Group Product Menu (PDF)
For a more detailed benefits-at-a-glance, please contact your health insurance representative, Tina Voss at 877-906-9924, ext. 479 or via email at

Blue Care Network is the HMO option available from the Blues and offers a suite of HMO products. Although less popular in the dental community due to the plans’ managed care philosophy, these plans may be a good alternative for some practices.

If you are interested in either the Healthy Blue Living or the Blue Care Network health insurance offerings, please call 877-906-9924 for more information.

Helpful Links

Listed below are the census form and other tools that you may need to manage your group health plan.


Agent Compensation Disclosure
Under the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (CAA), health insurance issuers offering Group and or individual  health coverage or short-term limited duration insurance must disclose actual and anticipated cash and non-cash compensation paid to agents and brokers in connection with the sale, renewal, and plan-related services.
If you use an agent with MDA Insurance to help facilitate your enrollment, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Priority Health, and Physician Health Plan will pay a 3-4% commission to MDA Insurance in exchange for their services.  In addition, MDA Insurance may also receive a financial bonus in the event that certain sales thresholds , such as 95% retention of the business is renewed for the next year, ranging in value between $5.00 and $25.00 per policy.  These commissions and bonuses are based on a percentage of your total monthly premium, however, your monthly premium will be the same whether you choose to use an agent or not.