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You can have an interpreter on call

The MDA co-endorses the ADA Member Advantage language translation and interpretation services offered by CyraCom. It’s like having an interpreter on call! Pay just pennies per minute to get the help you need communicating with non-English speaking individuals. Stay in compliance with HIPAA rules using this on-demand program. LEARN MORE>>

Get prepared to e-prescribe now

Electronically prescribing ALL medications will be the law Oct. 1. By e-prescribing everything from antifungals to antibiotics to pain meds, you reduce steps and save time. Here are five ways cloud-based iCoreRx e-prescribing software streamlines the process. 1. The software can integrate with MAPS for quick PMP checks. 2. You can access a patient’s FULL… Continue reading

Are you a target for an employment-related lawsuit?

Few people are as dangerous as a disgruntled current or former employee. They may lodge an employment practices-related lawsuit against you. Allegations could include wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, deprivation of career opportunity, wrongful infliction of emotional distress, and other employment-related actions. You’ll want to have an EPL insurance policy to protect you against… Continue reading

Cyber security fails can be costly

If your patients’ protected personal information (PPI) is exposed by hackers, or if a laptop, mobile phone or thumb drive containing PPI is lost, the cost to your practice can be enormous. In addition to the loss of patient trust and respect, you could be responsible for a massive notification effort and personal identity protection… Continue reading

Register Early for Medicare Webinars

If you, your spouse or an employee are 65 or turning 65 this year, the MDA Insurance Medicare Webinar should be on your calendar. There are three upcoming dates that are all being presented via Zoom. Register early for your seat, as spots are filling up fast: • Friday, May 21, 1–3:30 p.m. • Wednesday,… Continue reading

Solmetex Answers Amalgam Separation, Disposal Needs

Most Michigan dentists are required to use an amalgam separator to prevent amalgam being discharged into a municipal wastewater system. Dentists must also recycle other amalgam waste, such as excess amalgam from capsules, chairside traps, vacuum filters in a properly labeled amalgam bucket. All amalgam waste should be recycled annually and documentation must be maintained…. Continue reading

Employment Practices Liability Insurance Necessary in Litigious Society

Running a business like a dental practice opens the employer up to lawsuits over their employment practices. Examples include allegations of sexual harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination, or retaliation arising from interactions with an employee. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the top employment liability claim in 2018 was for retaliation. Number two on the… Continue reading

Tax Time: Fund Your IRA Now!

You can still fund a 2020 individual retirement account prior to the income tax filing deadline. Funding an IRA may reduce your taxable income. Call DBS Investment Advisers, LLC (DBSIA)—endorsed by the MDA—to set up an IRA if you don’t have one. IRAs are a fundamental building block for your retirement plan. In addition, business… Continue reading

iCoreRx Prepares Dentists for Oct. 1 e-Prescribe Deadline

On Oct. 1, all prescriptions in Michigan must be written and submitted electronically. MDA endorses iCoreRx e-Prescribing software from iCoreConnect. Their team will get you set up to e-Prescribe meds like antibiotics and antifungals quickly and will guide you step-by-step through the registration process to e-Prescribe pain meds. Don’t wait. e-Prescribing with iCoreRx reduces steps,… Continue reading