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Six Steps to Recover Revenue Lost During Coronavirus

Nearly every Michigan dentist is affected by the COVID-19 shutdown. The biggest concern: no patients presently in the chair means no incoming revenue. It’s important to start planning NOW to recover lost revenue and make a smooth return to business. Here’s how:

  1. Analyze your weekly lost revenue due to virus closures and disruptions. What did you bring in last year in the same weeks? This will give you a specific target.
  2. List your top three most profitable types of patient visits.
  3. Use your practice revenue optimizer software to create a report for patients who have not completed needed visits in the last 6 months that correlate with #2.
  4. For open calendar slots, ask staff to prioritize patients in the report alongside those displaced in the down weeks. You may need to consider expanding work hours.
  5. Use a tight task-management solution to maximize staff daily efficiency and communication.
  6. Set daily revenue goals and monitor in real time.

iCoreConnect is an endorsed vendor of the MDA. During the Coronavirus outage, iCoreConnect is making its dental revenue experts available directly to MDA members.  Click here to schedule a free, half-hour Revenue Recovery planning session to talk through your specific goals.

Email Anything to Anyone, Anywhere, with Full HIPAA ComplianceTM

The security experts at iCoreConnect asked more than 1,000 dentists what they wanted in their HIPAA-compliant email.  iCoreExchange is the only cloud-based, secure email designed by your fellow providers.  So, it’s not surprising that iCoreExchange is the fastest-growing, HIPAA-compliant email among U.S. state dental associations.

Email sensitive patient information and large imaging files to providers, patients and third parties, both in and outside your network.

To make life even easier, iCoreExchange lets you bring your regular email accounts (such as Gmail and Yahoo!) into one dashboard for easy, 1-click access to everything.

●    Allows you to send any attachments, regardless of type or size (including X-rays and other large images)
●    Your iCoreExchange address is protected from phishing, spam and ransomware
●    Provides a HIPAA audit trail for every message
●    Built on the federal government’s preferred DIRECT protocol for messaging security
●    Ensures top-level 2048-bit encryption (it would take 6.4 quadrillion years to break that level of encryption!)
●    Access the built-in referral network
●    Every individual email is MicroTokenized, making your email account nearly unhackable

Doesn’t it just hack you that cybercriminals want to steal your patient data and your money?
Protect your patients and your practice with iCoreExchange HIPAA-compliant email.  Not only is it a safe and legit way to send protected health information, it’s also simple.

  • Don’t be Phish Bait. Cybercriminals target emails to steal information and hold practices for ransom.  No iCoreExchange email has been spammed or phished. Ever
  • Get your “fax” straight. There are too many ways that faxing leads to straight-up HIPAA violations.  The guaranteed legal way to send PHI is through fully HIPAA-compliant email
  • Get over your attachment issues. Unlike others, iCoreExchange lets you attach as many files as you want to any email with no size limits.  Send your biggest X-rays and images all day long
  • Skip after-hours trips to the office. Review and send patient records securely from anywhere, anytime.  iCoreExchange is cloud-based, so your location doesn’t matter
  • Who are you referring to? iCoreExchange has a built-in referral network so you have instant access to qualified providers. Give referrals. Get referrals.  Stay connected

It gets even better:
MDA members receive a 35% discount off the regular monthly price.  Pay only $22.50 per month per provider when purchasing through iCoreConnect.com/MDA or calling 888.810.7706  Just mention you are an MDA member and let the team at iCoreConnect do the rest.

Check out iCoreExchange: Book a live online demo.


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