Quotes for a Cause supports the MDA Foundation

See what you can save on various insurance coverages, while simultaneously supporting the MDA Foundation. When you request quotes for health, life, disability, professional liability, workers’ comp or home and auto insurance, a $10 donation to the MDA Foundation is made in honor of the person requesting the quote. Our goal for this Quotes for… Continue reading

Is MDA Insurance important to the vitality of the MDA? Yes – It’s super important!

Frankly, a big reason the Michigan Dental Association can deliver a robust menu of member programs and services is because it has an exceptional for-profit subsidiary that provides members with the insurance and services they need, while generating revenue for the MDA. There are three ways the subsidiary channels money to the MDA: tax-free royalties,… Continue reading

MDA headquarters closed for Labor Day

MDA Insurance and MDA Services will join the MDA in closing the office Monday, Sept. 6 in observance of the federal Labor Day holiday. Headquarters will reopen at 8 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 7. Please celebrate safely!

Homeowners: Use the fall to prep for winter

Performing key home maintenance tasks and taking measures in the autumn to prepare for a Michigan winter can keep your home safe and comfortable, and potentially avert a homeowners’ insurance claim. Here are a dozen measures to take before the cold weather settles in. 1. Maintain your heating system. Vent pipes on high-efficiency furnaces need… Continue reading

In-person Lunch & Learns are back!

If your practice would like MDA Insurance to pay a visit, treat the team to lunch and present an educational program about how to save money on your home and auto insurance insurance, visit mdaprograms.com/lunchandlearn or contact Personal Lines Manager Jeni Drummond at 800-860-2272, ext. 462. Whoever sets up the Lunch & Learn for your… Continue reading

Workers’ compensation: A brief overview

Workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory in Michigan for employers who have one employee working 35 hours or more per week, or three employees at any time during the year. Independent contractors are not employees and so are excluded from the employee count to determine whether workers’ compensation is needed. State law defines the benefits provided… Continue reading

Calculating premiums

Workers’ comp premiums are based on the estimated payroll for each job classification. Each classification has its own rate, which is applied to every $100 in payroll for that classification. For dental practices, the classifications are clerical and/or office employees; dental assistants, hygienists, and employee dentists; and in some cases, janitorial, maintenance or custodial. Annual… Continue reading

It’s time to get ready for health care open enrollment season

Open enrollment for 2022’s MDA Health Plan begins Oct. 1 and ends Nov. 15. During that time, plan sponsors can change the plans offered to their employees, modify the waiting period to join the plan, change when coverage terminates for former employees, and change how much, if anything, they contribute to the monthly cost of… Continue reading

MDA Services kicks it up a notch with more endorsements! By Cindy Hoogasian, Director, MDA Services & Marketing

If you enjoy saving money on business and financial services that are essential to your personal and your practice’s well-being, please keep an eye on MDA publications for the rest of the year. We expect to unveil several more endorsements that will help members’ operate their practices more efficiently and reach their business goals. Our… Continue reading

Bite-sized videos offered for easy consumption

To make it easier for dentists to get information about our endorsed programs, we are offering short videos and short webinars-on-demand. All of these are viewable at mdaprograms.com/videos. Just click on “MDA Services” and you’ll see quite a list of viewable content.