DBS Investment Advisers, LLC endorsed for wealth management

Get the help you need to plan and save for your retirement and other financial goals by working with DBS Investment Advisers, LLC (DBSIA). DBSIA can assist with retirement savings plans for your practice and with individual portfolio management. Contact DBSIA at DBSIA.net, call 800-327-2377, or email ted.schumann@dbsia.net. DBSIA has a paid endorsement with the… Continue reading

Advisers, resources available for help opening a practice

If owning a dental practice is your goal, MDA membership offers invaluable resources to help you achieve it. I encourage you to contact both the MDA membership department and MDA Services to avail yourself of the comprehensive information needed to start or acquire a dental practice. Contact MDA Membership Director Angela Kanazeh at 800-589-2632 for… Continue reading

Starting an in-office dental plan is easy with QDP

Quality Dental Plan helps your practice implement a successful in-office dental plan, or IOP, to help uninsured patients afford dentistry using your own fees. QDP is endorsed by the MDA. Members pay only $0.75/patient/month, compared to fees as high as $4-$5/month with other companies. With an IOP, patients pay a manageable yearly or monthly fee… Continue reading

Keep patients smiling… by protecting their sensitive data

In today’s digital landscape, cyber threats, data breaches and ransomware attacks pose a significant risk to patient privacy and practice reputation. Practices must prioritize cybersecurity to safeguard sensitive patient information. It’s critical to implement robust security measures, from strong password protocols and encryption to regular data backups, to ensure data integrity. You must also stay… Continue reading

Endorsement helps members with commercial real estate needs

Bridge Commercial Realty is endorsed by the MDA to provide a resource to members for commercial leases, site selection, rent-or-buy decisions, property valuations for transitions, and other commercial real estate-related decisions. Owners Clint Herrema and Shirward Punches have many years of experience in dentalrelated commercial real estate and can reduce the anxiety associated with identifying… Continue reading

How patient satisfaction can improve revenue

Research reveals that over 90% of patients report that billing and payments can really shape their experience with your practice. Determining the best way to be clear and transparent about the costs for treatments and procedures is a crucial part of your practice management. Dental staff can spend countless hours mapping out treatment plans and… Continue reading

Five key insights a dental CPA provides

Retaining a certified public accountant that specializes in dentistry is a smart move for entrepreneurs who want deeper insights into their practice’s health. When searching for a dental CPA, You are encouraged to contact Looby Baumgarten, which is endorsed by the MDA and offers discounts on monthly accounting fees to members. Here are five key… Continue reading

Five secrets to preventing last-minute patient cancellations

How do you provide optimal patient care while preventing last-minute cancellations to keep your schedule full and profits high? Here are five secrets: 1. Allow online appointment booking and cancellation to enhance convenience and fill schedule gaps. 2. Find the bigger reason behind the last-minute cancellation, and offer solutions that encourage rescheduling instead. 3. Send… Continue reading

Fraud prevention: Be choosy about new hires, even in a tough labor market

Hiring the wrong person, especially in a position with access to your dental practice’s finances, can have long-lasting and expensive repercussions. Even when it’s hard to hire help, it’s important to ensure you know who you are hiring and what their work habits truly are. Prosperident, the nation’s largest and oldest embezzlement investigation and protection… Continue reading