Professional Liability Insurance for Hygienists
and Assistants

Dental hygienists and assistants sometimes need or want to carry professional liability coverage, also known as malpractice insurance.

Coverage may be a consideration if you work in multiple offices, work in a temporary capacity in different offices, volunteer at health clinics, nursing homes or schools where coverage is not provided or may be inadequate, or if you wish to control your policy, coverages and limits.

Some benefits of carrying your own professional liability insurance include having your own, separate limit of coverage available to respond to claims against you, ensuring adequate limits exist to cover your risks, and protecting your personal finances and assets.

MDA Insurance is not affiliated with carriers offering professional liability insurance to dental hygienists or assistants. Many outside options are available, however, and several are listed below.  We encourage you to explore these, as well as any others, and select the plan which best suits your needs:

Medical Protective (available through CM&F Group)

Liberty Mutual (available through Mercer)

CNA (available through HPSO/Aon)


Claims-made vs. Occurrence coverage

Occurrence policy forms provide coverage for an injury or damage that takes place during the policy period, regardless of when the claim is made and reported.  Provided the incident takes place while the policy is active, claims may be submitted to the insurance carrier at any time in the future.  The limits of insurance in force at the time of the incident will apply.

Claims-made policy forms provide coverage for an injury or damage that takes place during the policy period, provided the claim is made and reported while the policy is active.  Coverage is not automatically available for claims submitted after the claims-made policy is cancelled or no longer in-force.  Because of this, claims-made policies offer a special endorsement when cancelled, commonly called tail coverage, which allows claims made after cancellation to be considered for coverage.  The limits of insurance at the time the claim is made and reported will apply.

The other major difference is pricing.  Occurrence policies are more expensive in the early years of coverage, but do not require purchasing tail coverage upon cancellation.  Claims-made policies are less expensive up front, but may require the purchase of tail coverage when the policy is cancelled (although many carriers offer provisions whereby tail coverage can be obtained at no cost).

Call us for more details or assistance in determining which form of coverage would better fit your needs.  Our toll-free number is 800.860.2272.

Professional Liability Insurance




MDA Insurance has offered highly rated and competitive professional liability insurance, also known as malpractice insurance, to Michigan dentists for 30 years. Our office currently serves as the exclusive agent for the Professional Protector Plan for Dentists (PPP) in Michigan, and also offers a variety of other options depending on your needs and the risks you need to insure.

Dentists insured through MDA Insurance will benefit from our knowledgeable and experienced staff, who focus on the professional liability needs of dentists each and every day. MDA Insurance only partners with “A” rated carriers, so you will sleep well knowing your policy has the financial stability to pay any claims that may arise. In addition to tailoring coverage to meet your individual needs, our staff can also provide you with access to a wide variety of risk management programs and services, as well as several help lines to proactively reduce the likelihood of having claims.  You won’t find a better combination of service and coverage anywhere in Michigan!

Some PPP program highlights include:

  • professional liability for you, your staff and your corporation;
  • occurrence and claims-made coverage forms available, allowing you to choose what best fits your needs;
  • general/office liability;
  • HIPAA defense coverage;
  • vicarious liability;
  • state board/licensure coverage;
  • first aid/medical payments;
  • online and classroom risk management training available to insured dentists at no additional cost. Upon completion, a 10% PPP professional liability premium discount will be applied for three consecutive years and 4.5 hours of CME will be awarded. Dentists not insured by the PPP may take the course for $95 per person and earn 4.5 hours of CME upon completion. DOWNLOAD FLYER TO LEARN MORE>

Downloadable/fillable forms:

To request a quote, click on the link above, email or call MDA Insurance at 800-860-2272 and speak with a commercial lines agent.

We are here to answer any questions you have regarding dental professional liability insurance.  Contact us anytime!