Open enrollment dates

Depending on the type of health coverage you need, the enrollment period for starting new plans, making changes to existing plans, or adding participants will vary:

You have probably heard about changes to the Michigan No-Fault law that took effect July 2, 2020, but may not realize how you are impacted.  It’s critical you understand what these changes mean to you and your auto insurance policy. If you have questions or wish to discuss options, call MDA Insurance at (800) 860-2272 and speak with one of our personal lines agents as soon as possible.  LEARN MORE>>


Personal Appointments Available

MDA Insurance provides the option of on-site visits or “Zoom” (a free-downloadable application that allows parties to see one another, converse and share documents using PCs, laptops or mobile phones) meetings to discuss the issues that apply to your particular situation. To schedule a visit at your convenience, please call 877-906-9924 and ask for an appointment.



Tip #1: Get preventative care and exams without charge. Affordable Care Act-compliant plans provide free mammograms, colonoscopies, prostate exams and other preventive care, free of charge without a deductible. Be sure you take advantage of these services!

Tip #2: Stay in network. Choose health care providers that are in your plan’s network, so your co-insurance is minimized.

Tip #3: Request a prescription for 90 days for maintenance drugs. Typically, you’ll pay only two co-pays for a three-month supply rather than filling a prescription each month and having three co-pays.

Tip #4: Download the applicable subscriber app. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Priority Health both have subscriber apps, where you can access your insurance card, check your claims, deductibles, find discounted products and services and more.

Tip #5: Schedule needed procedures early in the year. Meeting your plan’s individual or family deductible early in the year means fewer out-of-pocket dollars expended the rest of the year for health care needs. Get those elective or postponed surgeries done early if you have the option.

MDA Insurance offers the gamut of insurance coverage for you, your family and employees. Call 877-906-9924 for more information.