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Open enrollment to sign up for 2020 health plans has ended and will reopen Nov. 1, 2020. Questions? Call 877-906-9924 or email

Do you have a qualifying event?

  1. Loss of health coverage (must apply within 60 days of losing coverage)
  2. Changes in household (marriage, divorce, having a baby, death in a family)
  3. Changes in Residence

If you have lost coverage within the last 60 days, and have a qualifying event, please call our office at 877-906-9924 or email your inquires to to discuss your options and obtain a quote.

Those who are not members of a group health insurance plan will need to purchase an individual health plan in order to comply with the ACA’s individual mandate for health insurance. Remember, there is never a need to purchase individual health plans on the Marketplace. MDA Insurance can help with individual health plans such as Blue Cross Blue Shield MyBlue plans, or any subsidized health plans that can be otherwise purchased through the online Marketplace. You won’t pay a penny more than the Marketplace price, yet as a member benefit, you’ll receive concierge service you won’t find anywhere else. Simply call MDA Insurance at 877-906-9924 for assistance. Keep in mind the window for individual health plan open enrollment is only 45 days. Apply by Dec. 15 through MDA Insurance for a Jan. 1 effective date.

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If you do NOT have a qualifying event but would like temporary coverage we offer:

  1. Short term major medical
  2. Accident policies
  3. Critical illness

We offer Blue Cross Blue Shield individual “My Blue“ plans for those that qualify”.