Workers’ Comp FYI……

Workers’ Comp Claim Reporting

Promptly report any employee injuries or related workplace incidents to your workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Please have pertinent employee data and facts regarding the injury available when calling to speed the process.

Frankenmuth Insurance policyholders: Call 800.234.4433 or report online at

Michigan Millers policyholders: Call 800.888.1914 (choose the claim department extension or hold for operator assistance).

Workers’ Comp Payroll Audits

Payroll audits are necessary because workers’ compensation premiums directly correspond to an employer’s total payroll.  Practices with many employees will pay more premium than a smaller practice with fewer employees. While sometimes inconvenient, these audits are important.  For example, your total payroll will likely decrease if a member of your staff retires.  As a result, your workers’ compensation premium will be lower because of the reduced staff exposure.  The payroll audit process is typically the means by which these and other common occurrences are factored into your premium.

If you’re corporate officer or partner……

The Michigan workers’ compensation statue allows you to include or exclude yourself from coverage under a professional corporation or partnership workers’ comp policy. Before making a decision, speak with an MDA Insurance representative as there are many factors to consider. Given the relatively low cost to include yourself, however, it is generally recommended that eligible corporate officers or partners do so (sole proprietors are not eligible for workers’ compensation coverage, although coverage must be provided for employees of the sole proprietor in accordance with state statute).

Workers’ Compensation Insurance



MDA Insurance partners with Frankenmuth Insurance to offer workers’ compensation coverage, great service and discounted group rates to MDA members.  Michigan-based Frankenmuth Insurance has provided coverage for over 150 years and currently writes policies in the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast. The company is rated “A” (Excellent) by A. M. Best and has been recognized as a top carrier in Michigan by the Michigan Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) and as a Ward’s 50 Company among property-casualty insurers.

If a claim arises, your injured employee will have the knowledge and experience of Frankenmuth Insurance working for them.

In addition to workers’ compensation, Frankenmuth Insurance also offers other insurance to MDA members. To learn more, go to

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