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Terminology and frequently asked questions

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Tax-Advantaged Premium Payment Plans

The monthly invoice for your office’s participation in the MDA Health Plan must be paid by the employer only. Employers may payroll-deduct their employees’ share of the cost of the health plan. By offering a Premium Only Plan (POP), employees can make their contribution on a pre-tax basis, reducing their taxable income and reducing your practice’s payroll taxes.

A POP can be established using Alerus, which the MDA endorses for pre-tax benefits and integrated payroll services. For information on establishing a POP for your practice, click here or call Alerus at 303-481-1577.

Priority Health Links

The MDA Health Plan is powered by Priority Health and uses the Priority Health provider networks. Prioirty Health brings many new services to our subscribers. Click the links below to learn more.

Find a Provider Using the Priority Health Network Map: Use this to search for your providers. The network names are hyperlinks to search sites.
Medical Case Management: For help with chronic conditions and serious illnesses
Assist America Global Emergency Service (PDF): Travel and medical assistance when 100 miles or more from home. Learn about Assist America (member log-in required)
Virtual Visits: Get care for minor illnesses virtually (member log-in required)!
Health Care Blue Book (PDF): Learn the cost of care before you obtain it (member log-in required).
Access to Discounted Products and Services: Save on gym memberships, computers, water treatment systems and more (member log-in required).
Member Account Online: Create your personal Priority Health portal.
Using Your Mobile Account: Smartphone app access to your health plan account (member log-in required).
HSA Frequently Asked Questions: Info you need to know.
Preventive Care Guidelines: To help you know what preventive care is available and why to take advantage of it log into your member portal.

Prescription drug information:

Complete Approved Drug Formulary: For MDA Health Plan members.
Prescription Drug Benefits:  Note that prescription drug formularies are subject to change at any time.
Prescription Drug Prior Authorization Form: For step-therapy drugs, call Priority Health at 800-956-1954.
Approved HSA Preventative Drug List*: Paid prior to deductible for high-deductible health plan subscribers (Plan 6). For drug coverage call Priority Health at 800-956-1954.

*Note that prescription drug formularies are subject to change at any time.