Get Help Meeting HIPAA, OSHA and OIG Compliance Mandates

The MDA endorses Eagle Associates, Inc. as a provider of compliance solutions for OSHA, HIPAA and OIG* (Fraud, Waste and Abuse prevention in Medicare/Medicaid programs) that are specifically designed for a practice environment.  MDA members will receive significant savings on compliance programs, which include policy manuals, forms, employee training, numerous tools for implementation, unlimited support and more.

In partnering with Eagle Associates, the MDA brings its members several special bundles of service offerings. Each of these bundles comes at a reduced cost to MDA members. Click below to choose an option to comply with any one mandate or combination of mandates, all at significant savings:


Eagle Associates offers a complete approach to compliance with its solutions.  Policy manuals are fully written, and include a full suite of forms to help you meet documentation requirements.  Implementation guides ensure that the policies don’t just sit on a shelf gathering dust.  Unlimited support ensures that you can get answers to your compliance questions and problems.  Employee training materials are included with each program.

For more information on compliance service offerings, contact Eagle Associates, Inc. at (800) 777-2337 or send an email to, and identify yourself as an MDA member.

*Office of the Inspector General


The MDA receives royalties when members use the product or services described above.