When coverage is “non-cancellable,” the insurance company cannot change or cancel your coverage or premiums.

Guaranteed renewable contracts allow the insurance company the right to adjust the rates for all policyholders.

The policy’s definition of disability is an important factor in determining your eligibility for benefits:

  • True “own occupation” policies allow you to collect benefits if you cannot do your job, even if you choose to work in another occupation.
  • Some policies will reduce your benefits or stop paying if you choose to work in another occupation.
  • Others policies might stop paying if you are able but decide not to work in another occupation.

Personal Appointments Available

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Business Overhead


2 of the most commonly overlooked insurance gaps

Have you made provisions for loss of income during the closure of your practice as the result of a disaster? Or if you are disabled and cannot work? There are two types of insurance coverage your practice cannot afford to go without:
1. Business interruption coverage replaces: lost revenue due to property damage or loss caused by a covered peril.
2. Business overhead expense insurance allows your ongoing business expenses to be reimbursed by the insurer if you are disabled and cannot work. In the event of an accident or illness that prevents you from working, keep your practice active with business overhead expense (BOE) insurance.  Business overhead insurance reimburses the usual expenses of your business such as rent, utilities, laundry, employee salaries, legal and accounting fees, insurance premiums and other business-related costs. Features include:

  • discounts available;
  • choice of waiting periods;
  • benefits payable for up to 24 months;
  • optional benefits for residual disability;
  • substitute salary expense rider available; and
  • premiums maybe tax-deductible.

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