Discounted Credit Card Processing

Real Savings. Great Service.

“I had been using Comerica Merchant Services to process credit card payments and my fees crept up over the years. I requested a cost comparison from Best Card and was impressed the savings they showed me. My effective rate went from 7.52%, processing via touch-tone phone, to an estimated 3.78%. But in reality, I’ve paid as little as 2.48%, and now I’m using a swipe or chip terminal that is much faster and more secure. I’m happy with the savings and with the great personal service from Best Card. Now I don’t mind people paying by credit card! I’m glad we made the switch.”

—Don Thill, Jr., DDS, Grosse Pointe, MI


Best Card is currently endorsed by 25 state dental associations, now including the MDA, and receives rave reviews for its personalized customer service and real savings. Best Card was developed specifically for dental practices, and the company’s dedication to creating a product for dentists is evident. The MDA itself has been processing members’ dues using Best Card since late 2017, as part of the vetting process, and has realized significant savings and has experienced superior service. Thousands of dental practices are saving an average of $3,256 per year (24%) on their processing fees by switching to Best Card. And when you call the office, you will get people not prompts.


Service and Savings

  • Average annual savings for dental practices = $3,256/24%.
  • Unparalleled customer service, you always get a live person without pushing buttons.
  • Many processing options (standalone terminals, online, mobile, and web-payments).
    • Best Card Online with PAYLINK for AUTO-POST to Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, PracticeWorks & SoftDent(more to come).
  • MDA members receive equipment discount of $100 (terminals or online processing equipment).
    • Already have EMV-chip equipment? Best Card can usually re-download that at no cost!

Email your recent credit card statement to or 866-717-7247 to receive a detailed no-obligation cost comparison and a $5 Amazon gift card. Call 877-739-3952 or visit to learn more.