Commercial Real Estate Services

Dr. Habecker shares why he recommends Bridge Commercial Realty. 

Bridge Commercial Realty demystifies purchases, leases and much more for MDA member dentists

Commercial real estate-related decisions can be confusing and intimidating, and poor decisions can be costly. Having a trusted resource to bring clarity and expertise to these decisions is invaluable. Bridge Commercial Realty specializes in dental real estate and is endorsed by the MDA. Bridge can be a resource for dentists at any stage of their career. MDA members receive a 10% discount on fees and commission with Bridge. Additionally, you can obtain a property value analysis, valued up to $3,000, from Bridge Commercial Realty, without charge.

Here are eight ways Bridge Commercial Realty can help you.

  1. Startups: Assisting dentists with securing an ideal startup location.
  2. Purchase vs. Lease: Provides purchase versus lease comparison analysis.
  3. Renovation vs. Relocation: Helping providers decide whether to relocate or renovate the current practice location.
  4. Site Selection: Identify viable new practice locations in a geographic area.
  5. Asset Analysis: Provide a broker’s opinion of value to the real estate under consideration.
  6. New Construction Analysis: Provide cost comparison to help dentists determine whether to own or lease a building.
  7. Lease Negotiation: Negotiate lease renewals and acquisition leases.
  8. Sale/Leaseback Strategies: Implement practice transition strategies with real estate in mind.

MDA member Dr. Richard Greenland found it invaluable to work with Bridge Commercial Realty. Watch his brief testimonial video here.

Also, download Bridge’s white paper discussing the Do’s and Don’ts of Practice Transitions involving real estate by clicking here.

When you need assistance with commercial real estate, reach out to Bridge by calling
800-373-5306 or visit


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