Disability Insurance Calculator

Cost of Living

Address inflationary trends in the economy by increasing the monthly income benefit based on specific factors.

Waiver of Premium

Usually built into the underlying contract and pays premium of contract after disability continues for a period of time.

Future Benefit Increase Option

Allows insured to increase monthly benefits without evidence of insurability on specific future dates.

Personal Appointments Available

MDA Insurance provides the option of on-site visits to discuss the issues that apply to your particular situation. To set an appointment at your convenience, please call 800.860.2272 and ask for an appointment.

Disability Insurance Article

Disability Insurance Story Link

Disability insurance can provide the financial safety net you, your family and your practice need when a serious health problem arises. Read this real-life story about how having the right combination of disability insurance products helped one dentist in his time of distress.

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Disability Income Insurance


Why You Need Disability Income Insurance

If you have a piece of equipment that produces a valuable product that you market at a good profit, would you take care of it? Would you perform routine maintenance, protect it from harmful weather and accidents if possible? Would you buy insurance for it? No doubt you would. The same can be said for your ability to earn an income each month. You are that valuable machine.

Disability income insurance is one of the most overlooked products in the entire insurance business. National surveys show that in companies of fewer than 50 employees, not even 15 percent of workers have either short- or long-term disability coverage. This puts many people less than three paychecks away from financial disaster. MDA Insurance can show you how to easily fill that gap and keep the financial wolves away from your door if a disability occurs.

Disability coverage can be purchased individually or it can be set up as a group plan. To obtain an individual quote, click the Request a Quote button.

Two important factors to consider when purchasing coverage are the policy elimination period and benefit period. Each of these factors will have a direct impact on the cost of coverage.

Elimination periods identify how long after the disability occurs that benefits will begin, such as 30, 60 or 90 days, for example. The benefit periods usually last two years, five years, to age 65, or lifetime.

Dental Hygienists and Assistants Insurance Now Available

As a dental hygienist or dental assistant, you spend most of your day providing important preventative care and maintaining  patients’ smiles. Being physically able to examine patients and work with equipment is vital to your livelihood. Have you ever thought about what might happen if you became sick, injured or disabled? There are now low-cost disability insurance options tailored just for you. Call for a quote at 800-860-2272 or complete and mail or FAX back the fillable quote request form below:

Types of Individual Coverage

Student Loan Protection – This insurance reimburses you for up to $2,000 per month for student loan payments, provided you have an individual disability insurance plan paying a minimum benefit of $500 per month.

Non-cancelable – This type of coverage provides the most guarantees because the company cannot cancel, change or raise the premium as long as the insured pays the premium.

Guaranteed Renewable – This type of contract prevents coverage changes or the policy cancellation as long as premiums are paid.  The company, however, can change the premium as long as the premiums are changed for the entire class of policies or policy type.

Disability Coverage for Loans (Reducing Term Disability) – This type of contract is designed specifically for covering fixed monthly business loan payment obligations in the event of a covered disability. The coverage period is tied to the schedule of outstanding loan payments. It has level premiums and a choice of elimination periods. Benefits are paid regardless of other personal disability coverage