In-Office Dental Plans

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Why invest time & money developing your own system when Quality Dental Plan has already done all the work for you?

Save Time, Money and Energy

QDP has been developed and refined for over a decade. The company conducts market research, consults legal counsel, hires PR experts, copywriters and designers and solicits patient, dentist and staff feedback on an ongoing basis. You can skip the hassle and expense of designing your own program — and keep your focus on patient care. Do what you do best and delegate the rest…to QDP!

Complete Customization

Whether you need a full-fledged service or simply a foundation for starting your own savings plan, QDP is designed to meet your needs. QDP is a complete turnkey program, including training for the doctors and team, along with nationally-branded marketing and public relations strategies. QDP offers the lowest fees in the industry while offering the ability to use your own practice management software.

Save Money. DO THE MATH!

QDP offers a simple fee structure. MDA members have an even lower negotiated rate of just of $0.75/patient/month. The lowest fee MDA has found anywhere!  Competitors charge $4/patient/month or 5% to 15% of membership fees paid. Do the math. With just 250 patients you could be paying another company $12,000 per year or more. With QDP, you’ll pay just $2,250 per year for 250 participating patients. QDP is the most cost effective option.

No Trial and Error

Over the course of 10 years, QDP has worked out all the details so your savings plan runs smoothly from day one. With just a few mouse clicks, you can have your program up and running. QDP services are field tested in practices across the country, saving you and your staff the frustration of going back to the drawing board.

Use your own software

Keep your plan admin easy using your own practice management software. Every practice management software can be set to use QDP effectively. Need automated billing options? QDP has that too!

Professional Marketing

One of the biggest benefits of QDP is its suite of customizable marketing materials that includes digital or print, social media and/or TV/radio. All available at no extra cost to you!

Start Right Now

It could take years to develop and perfect a brand new In-Office Plan. With QDP, you can start immediately and see results — like more new patients and increased case acceptance — right away. QDP is truly a turnkey solution that you can integrate into your practice today.

Business Enroll

Want to sign up local businesses onto your plan? QDP does the heavy lifting of figuring out the maze of employee benefits making it easy for employers to use your plan! This solution opens up a whole new way to gain new patients! All at no cost to you.

Ready to get started? Call QDP’s dedicated MDA representative Janelle Jones at 855-796-9796, email her at or visit

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