Insurance Fee Negotiation and Credentialing

PPO Negotiation Solutions levels the playing field between insurance companies and dental offices

Insurance fee negotiation is a game that is nearly impossible to beat. The rules keep changing and you often don’t even know who you are playing against. Until now.

After a multi-year search, the MDA has endorsed PPO Negotiation Solutions to assist MDA members with insurance fee negotiation, participation optimization and credentialing. With 30 years of experience and a 5-Star Google rating, they have the insurance game down to a science. Did you know you could be missing out on collecting 24-43% more in your insurance claim reimbursements? The dental insurance world has been making significant changes that affect all dentists who participate in or are considering joining PPO plans and other dental benefit companies. PPO Negotiation Solutions recently helped one practice increase their monthly collection by $30,000 simply by reconfiguring which dental groups they needed to be in-network with and negotiating the best fees through those groups. You could similarly benefit from a PPO Negotiation Solutions assessment if you can answer “yes” to any of the questions below.

• Is your practice currently in-network with various PPO plans and writing off over 32% from your standard fees?
• Are you contemplating whether or not to sign up with some PPO plans?
• Have you just hired an associate and need to keep them busy so you are entertaining credentialing them with various PPO plans?
• Have you been wanting to purchase equipment or new technology to remain competitive in the marketplace, but cannot afford to?
• Is your practice unable to offer competitive benefits or wages as a result of insurance write-offs eating into the practice’s bottom line?
• Are you considering retirement, but need your practice’s resale value to be higher in order to retire more comfortably?

If you or your practice has become a victim of the insurance game, contact PPO Negotiation Solutions for a complimentary evaluation and walk away with actionable items specific to your situation. MDA members receive exclusive discounts.

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