MDA Insurance and MDA Services is a for-profit subsidiary of the Michigan Dental Associations. Founded in 1986, our mission is to provide tangible benefits to the MDA members and to return non-dues revenue to the MDA. It is governed by MDA member volunteers. MDA Insurance is the MDA members’ insurance agency. It offers a comprehensive menu of insurance products that dentists need in their professional and personal lives. The exclusive MDA Health Plan is available only to MDA members, and only from MDA Insurance. Member discounts are often available on our commercial and personal insurance products, such as auto and home, workers’ compensation and professional liability insurances.

MDA Services develops endorsed relationships with the business and financial programs dentist need to help them succeed professionally. These endorsements provide special prices or benefit enhancements to MDA members. By purchasing insurance from MDA Insurance and using MDA-endorsed vendors, MDA members take advantage of special prices and benefits, and help generate non-dues revenue to the MDA. Using our programs will enable members to save more than their membership dues annually.

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