Medical Coding for Dental

iCoreCodeGenius provides fast and full ICD-10 lookup and guidance for medical coding for dental practices.

Not only is iCoreCodeGenius designed to be up-to-date, saving you time and effort, but it’s fast. Really fast. As soon as you start typing, predictive text provides rapid selection of the code you’re looking for. No more investing in burdensome reference books and no more guessing. iCoreCodeGenius offers:

  • An add-on module including CPT codes
  • Automatic prompting of comorbidities and HCCs
  • Appropriate reimbursement through accuracy
  • Ability to reduce/eliminate queries and denials
  • Cloud-based access you can use anywhere there’s internet

Click here or call 888-810-7706.

Pricing is based on a 90-day subscription agreement.


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