Are Your Credit Card Fees Creeping Up?

Credit card processing costs can creep up unexpectedly and gnaw away at profitability. The MDA has a better way for you to process credit cards. Switch to MDA-endorsed Best Card, which is saving dentists an average of $5,516 per year, or 27% on fees. When can you switch and start saving? Check your card processing… Continue reading

MDA Insurance can quote your professional liability insurance and your workers’ comp insurance.

With the Professional Protector Plan (PPP), you can choose between claims-made and occurrence professional liability coverage. MDA members receive a 10% premium discount. Also, now is the time to get a quote on your workers’ comp coverage as many policies renew on Jan. 1. MDA Insurance endorses Frankenmuth Insurance Co. for workers comp and can… Continue reading

Effective Time Management: Balancing Patient Care and Administrative Tasks

In the world of dentistry, effective time management is paramount. Dentists often wear multiple hats, from diagnosis and treatment to paperwork and staff management, and poor time management can lead to increased stress, burnout, and compromised patient care. The journey to enhance your time management skills starts with recognizing the unique challenges your practice faces…. Continue reading

Help Patients Finance the Care They Need

When you add the CareCredit credit card for only $30 (a $165 savings), your patients may be more likely to accept recommended treatments not covered by insurance. That’s good for your patients’ health and your bottom line. Patients can use your custom link to apply from their smart device or on their home computer. CareCredit… Continue reading

Refine Precious Metal by Dec. 31, Earn 7% More

Now is the time to send your precious metals to MDA-endorsed D-MMEX Easyrefine to earn high-value compensation and a 7% bonus on the total value of your refining. Submissions must be received by Easyrefine, along with your coupon, by Dec. 31, 2023, to be eligible for the bonus. Easyrefine pays 97% of the value of… Continue reading

Dental CPA Aids in Financial Efficiency

At year-end, many businesses implement their final tax planning strategies to minimize their federal income tax liability. If you haven’t adopted such a strategy for 2023, consider working with a certified public accounting firm that specializes in dentistry to develop a plan for next year. Here’s what a specialist CPA can do for you: 1…. Continue reading

At a Glance:

Eliminate the burden of checking benefit eligibility by using iCoreVerify, an automated insurance verification software by iCoreConnect. You can check an entire week of patients’ insurance eligibility in less time than it took to read this information. Book a demo at iCoreConnect/Mi30, or contact iCoreConnect at 888-810-7706. 3 financial moves to make before year-end. Be… Continue reading

Get a Workers’ Compensation Quote Now

With most workers’ compensation insurance policies renewing in January, this is the appropriate time to contact MDA Insurance for a quote on this mandated coverage. With our quote in hand, you will be prepared to review your policy’s renewal cost when it arrives later this month, or in early December. The MDA endorses Frankenmuth Insurance… Continue reading