New Endorsed Programs Coming To You Soon

MDA Services has been busy this year issuing requests for proposals to identify companies that provide the assistance our members have asked us for. Responses to our proposal request have been received for these categories of services: • In-house dental plan administration. • E-prescriptions transmission. • PPO fee negotiations. In addition to the above programs,… Continue reading

Reduce your dental supplies overhead

Every dollar you save on dental supplies is a dollar that can go to your bottom line profitability – or be reinvested into other areas of your practice. The Dentists Supply Company (, can help you save more on supplies than you pay in MDA membership. Built by members, for members, only members of organized… Continue reading

3 Ways to Easily Bolster Your Bottom Line

The severe business disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic is causing practices to prioritize cutting costs. Best Card is the endorsed credit card processing provider for more than 30 dental associations, including the Michigan Dental Association, and 95% of its clients are dental practices. Here are 3 ways to analyze your credit card processing costs… Continue reading

Cybercriminals Can’t Hack it with iCoreExchange

Protect your patients and practice with MDA-endorsed iCoreExchange HIPAA-compliant email. It’s a safe, vetted and easy way to share protected health information. • Don’t be phish bait. Cyber criminals target emails to steal information and hold practices for ransom. No iCoreExchange email has been spammed or phished. Ever. • Get your “FAX” straight. There are… Continue reading