Need a Bookkeeper or a Dental CPA?

Here are a few signs it’s time to hire a dental accountant: • You earn over $200,000 per year. This increases your odds of an IRS audit dramatically. • You have large capital gains taxes. A dental CPA can help with tax planning. • You are a business owner or are self-employed. You are an… Continue reading

At a Glance

• Inflation hits home, auto repairs hard. It costs a lot more now to repair a home or auto than it did just a few years ago, thanks to inflation. The Hanover Insurance Group reports that home building material costs are up 26%, and 89% of contractors are having trouble finding workers. That means it… Continue reading

Quality Dental Plan Offers Business Enroll to Onboard Local Companies to Your In-Office Dental Plan

Increasingly, businesses are interested in providing dental benefits to their employees in a more cost-effective way than through traditional dental insurance. Your in-office dental plan could be the solution local business owners are searching for. Many dentists have friends and patients who are business owners, HR managers, or are in leadership positions at local companies…. Continue reading

2023 Medicare Webinars Slated, Register Soon

If you or a family member will turn 65 soon, it will benefit you to register for an MDA Insurance webinar on transitioning to Medicare. This is a free webinar and two continuing education units are available. Except for the presentation during Annual Session, all webinars will be held via Zoom. To register for one… Continue reading

Open Enrollment Coming Soon

Open enrollment for the MDA Health Plan, individual health plans and Medicare Advantage plans begins soon. Open enrollment is when people can select a different health care plan for 2023, and add other eligible family members to their plans if permitted. Please review and note the following open enrollment periods: • MDA Health Plan: Begins… Continue reading

The Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Recognize to Avert Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are hitting too close to home in the dental industry. ADA was attacked in April by a new ransomware gang, resulting in service disruptions to dentists and dental associations nationwide. According to Verizon’s 2022 Data Investigation Report, ransomware breaches increased by 13%, and 82% of breaches involved the “human element.” One of the… Continue reading

At a Glance

• Interest rates won’t wait. Refinancing your student loans today could save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Take advantage of an exclusive rate discount of 0.25% by refinancing with MDA-endorsed SoFi through • Embezzlement is a bigger problem in dentistry that one might think. MDA members receive open access… Continue reading

Register Now for Health Care in the Pandemic’s Wake

Now is the time to register for the MDA Insurance health insurance seminars, which begin in September with a presentation at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. Stay abreast of what’s happening with health insurance and health care reform. Learn how the COVID pandemic is affecting the delivery of health care, how it impacts mandated benefits,… Continue reading