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Have you done a cost comparison with Best Card yet? The average MDA member saves $2,768 (24%) annually when they switch to Best Card for credit card processing. You will receive a $5 Amazon gift card for allowing Best Card to perform a detailed, no obligation cost comparison. Just send in your recent credit card… Continue reading

6 requirements you must fulfill to be compliant with ‘ACTUAL’ HIPAA law

There are six requirements you must fulfill to be compliant with ACTUAL HIPAA law when emailing Protected Health Information (PHI): Authenticate recipients. Control access. Transmit securely. Unaltered records. Audit every message. Lock ePHI for six years. MDA-endorsed iCoreExchange’s HIPAA-compliant email meets or exceeds every ACTUAL HIPAA requirement. Cloud-based technology makes your transition simple and easy…. Continue reading

Take Steps Now to Ensure You Have Life and Disability Protection In Place

According to a recent study identifying the top reasons people file for bankruptcy, as many as 62% of personal bankruptcies are attributable to medical expenses. Even more shocking, 78% of those who filed had health insurance in place! Unfortunately, health insurance is sometimes no match for unplanned medical expenses as a result of injuries, serious… Continue reading

Members’ Supply Savings Adding Up Through

The Dentists Supply Company is now available in 47 states, offering consistent and competitive supply prices to more than 100,000 members of organized dentistry. Along with saving substantially, dentists can be confident that every product on the site is from a trusted, authorized source. “My supplies went from 5% of my overhead to 3.3%,” said… Continue reading

At a Glance

Open enrollment dates are set for 2020 health plans. Depending on the type of health coverage you need, the enrollment period for starting new plans, making changes to existing plans, or adding participants will vary: Individual health plans: New plans can be started Nov. 1 through Dec. 15 for a Jan. 1 effective date. It… Continue reading

4 Most Commonly Misunderstood Healthcare Terms

Open enrollment for 2020 health care plans is just around the corner (see dates in column at right). Let’s clarify the most frequently misunderstood health insurance terms: Deductible: This is the amount you pay for eligible health care services before your insurance plan starts to pay. With a $2,000 deductible, for example, you pay the… Continue reading

Take Compliance Off Your To-Do List with Turnkey Solutions from Eagle Associates

Has compliance been on your to-do list forever? MDA-endorsed Eagle Associates brings organization and success to your compliance efforts. Whether you need assistance with OSHA, HIPAA, OIG (includes Medicaid or Healthy Kids), Eagle Associates has a turnkey program to simplify the process. As an MDA member, you have access to discounted fees. Take action now… Continue reading

Streamline Debt Collections with TSI

Statistics show that only one of 10 debt collection calls actually get through to the responsible party. This is not only time-consuming and inefficient, but highly ineffective. MDA-endorsed TSI (Transworld Systems Inc.) offers a vetted, successful solution to dental practices. After a few unpaid statements are sent, TSI’s Accelerator service sends a soft reminder letter… Continue reading