You can have an interpreter on call

The MDA co-endorses the ADA Member Advantage language translation and interpretation services offered by CyraCom. It’s like having an interpreter on call! Pay just pennies per minute to get the help you need communicating with non-English speaking individuals. Stay in compliance with HIPAA rules using this on-demand program. LEARN MORE>>

Get prepared to e-prescribe now

Electronically prescribing ALL medications will be the law Oct. 1. By e-prescribing everything from antifungals to antibiotics to pain meds, you reduce steps and save time. Here are five ways cloud-based iCoreRx e-prescribing software streamlines the process. 1. The software can integrate with MAPS for quick PMP checks. 2. You can access a patient’s FULL… Continue reading

Are you a target for an employment-related lawsuit?

Few people are as dangerous as a disgruntled current or former employee. They may lodge an employment practices-related lawsuit against you. Allegations could include wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, deprivation of career opportunity, wrongful infliction of emotional distress, and other employment-related actions. You’ll want to have an EPL insurance policy to protect you against… Continue reading

Cyber security fails can be costly

If your patients’ protected personal information (PPI) is exposed by hackers, or if a laptop, mobile phone or thumb drive containing PPI is lost, the cost to your practice can be enormous. In addition to the loss of patient trust and respect, you could be responsible for a massive notification effort and personal identity protection… Continue reading

Tired of chasing unpaid accounts? Let TSI take over

If your practice is ready for a more efficient way to manage overdue accounts, call TSI to implement a better way to handle bad debt recovery. TSI offers a diplomatic reminder service that results in payment before the end of the reminder cycle about 75% of the time. Even better, your practice keeps 100% of… Continue reading

Slash your supplies cost with Dailey Solutions

Save money on office and cleaning supplies, break room needs and printer ink and toner when you buy online from Dailey Solutions, endorsed by the Michigan Dental Association. When you buy across the product categories at Dailey Solutions, you’ll save about 15% compared to the big box stores. Nearby warehouses mean you’ll receive your orders… Continue reading

Practice confidently with the Professional Protector Plan® behind you

All professional liability insurance is not created equal. That’s why the MDA endorses the Professional Protector Plan (PPP)® for its members’ malpractice insurance needs. On top of great coverage, the PPP offers insureds access to a number of helpful resources, including a highly regarded risk management program. Completion of the risk management program qualifies insureds… Continue reading

Protect your income with disability income insurance

Dentistry is hard physical work. Your shoulders, arms, wrists and hands can take a beating. The stress of running a business can take its physical and emotional toll too. Physical disabilities are not uncommon in dentistry, and a serious illness can strike anyone at any time. What happens to your ability to produce an income… Continue reading

Reduce the cost of processing credit cards with Best Card

Every time you accept a credit card for payment, you are effectively discounting the price of your dentistry. Some cards cost you more to accept than others, and some credit card processing services charge you excessive fees for your business. Every extra dollar you pay in credit card processing costs is one less dollar of… Continue reading