Often called travel insurance plans, “Short Term Medical” policies are specifically designed to cover both medical and travel experiences for a maximum of 11 months. They allow you to choose your own policy maximum and deductible, allowing you to stay in control of your coverage and the price. Unlike major medical or long-term plans, short… Continue reading

What IS an HSA and Why Should I Want One?

Tax-sheltered savings for health care expenses now and in the future and lower medical insurance premiums are just two reasons to start a health savings account. Watch these informative videos about what an HSA is and why it can be a wise choice.MDA Insurance does not endorse any financial institution for providing these savings accounts; we are linking to this… Continue reading

A gentle reminder

MDA Insurance quarterly billed medical coverage premiums are due on the first day of the month of each quarter. Don't let your coverage lapse-it's just too important! If you have any questions, regarding your payment, please contact us directly at 877.906.9924.

Important Note

If employees leave your office and you need to cancel their insurance, please  cancel their Delta Dental coverage (if they have this insurance) in addition to their BCS individual coverage. Both contracts need to be cancelled in writing. A fax or letter sent to MDA Insurance will ensure it's done in a timely and efficient… Continue reading