Claims-made vs. Occurrence coverage

The MDA-endorsed Professional Protector Plan® offers malpractice insurance in both claims-made and occurrence forms.  Before making a decision on which form better suits your needs, it’s important to understand a few basics about each.

Occurrence policy forms provide coverage for an injury or damage that takes place during the policy period, regardless of when the claim is made and reported.  Provided the incident takes place while the policy is active, claims may be submitted to the insurance carrier at any time in the future.  The limits of insurance in force at the time of the incident will apply.

Claims-made policy forms provide coverage for an injury or damage that takes place during the policy period, provided the claim is made and reported while the policy is active.  Coverage is not automatically available for claims submitted after the claims-made policy is cancelled or no longer in-force.  Because of this, claims-made policies offer a special endorsement when cancelled, commonly called tail coverage, which allows claims made after cancellation to be considered for coverage.  The limits of insurance at the time the claim is made and reported will apply.

The other major difference is pricing.  Occurrence policies are more expensive in the early years of coverage, but do not require purchasing tail coverage upon cancellation.  Claims-made policies are less expensive up front, but may require the purchase of tail coverage when the policy is cancelled (although many carriers offer provisions whereby tail coverage can be obtained at no cost).

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Dental Malpractice Insurance



For malpractice insurance, the Michigan Dental Association endorses the Professional Protector Plan for Dentists (PPP).  Available since 1969, the PPP is available in Michigan exclusively through MDA Insurance.

Since 2017, the PPP program has been underwritten by Aspen American Insurance Company (AAIC).  Since then, several coverage enhancements have been made while all of the other great things about the program remain in place.  Beyond the policy, PPP insureds also benefit from a wide variety of risk management programs and services, several assistance help lines to help avoid difficult situations, and the knowledge that one of the best dental defense attorneys, Lynda Farnen, will be in your corner should the need arise.

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Base coverage features include:

  • professional liability for you, your staff and your corporation;
  • occurrence and claims-made coverage forms available, allowing you to choose what best fits your needs;
  • general/office liability;
  • employment practices liability coverage – defense coverage included, indemnity provision available;
  • HIPAA defense coverage;
  • contractual liability;
  • state board/licensure coverage;
  • first aid/medical payments;
  • and much more!

Professional Liability Risk Management

The Professional Protector Plan offers unparalleled risk management training and resources to insured dentists at no additional cost. The course is available in both classroom and online formats. Insured dentists will receive a 10% discount on their professional liability premium for three consecutive years upon completion, as well as 4.5 hours of CME. Dentists or office staff not insured by the PPP may take the course for $95 per person and are eligible for 4.5 hours of CME.

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Downloadable/fillable forms:

To request a quote, click on the link above or call MDA Insurance at 800-860-2272.

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