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Life & Disability

According to a recent study identifying the top reasons people file for bankruptcy, as many as 62% of personal bankruptcies are attributable to medical expenses. Even more shocking, 78% of those who filed had health insurance in place! Unfortunately, health insurance is sometimes no match for unplanned medical expenses as a result of injuries, serious illness and disease. It is frightening to think that one day we might discover that the health insurance we thought was enough simply  isn’t when it comes to the impact of a serious injury or illness. Don’t be taken off-guard. Arm yourself now with insurance to protect yourself from the unexpected. Investigate coverage such as disability/income protection insurance, long-term care insurance, life, business overhead, and critical care coverage, to name a few.

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Everyone Needs Life Insurance

Developing a sound financial safety net includes purchasing life insurance. It's a necessity at any stage in your life. Find out more here.

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Group and Individual Programs Available

Today's financial world requires a wide variety of insurance and financial options to address both your individual needs and the needs of your employees. MDA Insurance offers both group coverage plans as well as individual programs. For more information please call us at (800) 860-2272

Personal Appointments Available

MDA Insurance provides the option of on-site visits to discuss the issues that apply to your particular situation. To set an appointment at your convenience, please call 800.860.2272 and ask for an appointment.