5 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Health Insurance in 2020

It’s a new year and your health plan benefits are reset. How well do you understand all the nuances and added benefits of your health plan? Many people don’t take advantage of everything their plans offer. Here are expert tips to ensure you get the most out of your health insurance in 2020:

Tip #1: Make sure you understand your health plan. Keep those benefits documents you get when you sign up for your insurance plan handy. For example, by law, all individual and small group health plans include 10 “essential” benefits. Pay close attention to the benefits that are available with no copay or coinsurance before your deductible is met. These generally are preventive and wellness visits. See Tip #2 for more on this. Note: By request of the members, the MDA Health Plan does not include one of the 10 essential benefits, pediatric dental coverage.

Tip #2: Schedule annual preventive service tests and screenings. All insured health plans and many other plans cover a comprehensive list of preventive services without charging you a copayment or coinsurance. Your deductible does not apply! These include services like physicals, routine prenatal and post-natal visits, mammograms, and immunizations. It also includes screenings for blood pressure, depression, cholesterol, colorectal cancer, diabetes, and many more. Refer to your policy for a comprehensive list.

Tip #3: Make the most of your plan when you max out your deductible. Once you’ve met your deductible in most plans, you’ll pay significantly less out of pocket for any healthcare you use above and beyond that. So if you’ve already met your deductible for the year, that’s the time to schedule appointments to get your skin screened, and other services you need at a decreased cost.

Tip #4:  Stick with in-network providers. The lowest charges are for doctors, hospitals, and labs who participate in your insurance network. Also check to make sure that the doctors who are treating your children are on your insurance plan.

Tip #5: Take advantage of your plan’s freebies and incentives.
The MDA Health Plan

• Onboarding with EaseCentral: The MDA Health Plan includes free onboarding software for your practice. It makes enrolling of new staff a breeze and allows easy access for participants to review their coverage.

• Take your health plan information on the go with free mobile app. Priority Health has a free app you can use to manage your health insurance, including how much you’ve paid toward your deductible, ways to find an in-network doctor and facility, cost comparisons and ways to track your health goals. Download the mobile app by searching “Spectrum Health My Health” at the Apple App Store or at Android Google Play.

• Health assessments and Healthy-living rewards. Some plans, such as the Living Fit MDA Health Plan or Family Focus Health Plan, have incentive programs that offer you and your staff free health assessments and exercise rewards. There are also holistic service benefits with one of the plans including acupuncture and medical massage therapy.

• Active & Fit Direct Program. Access online fitness center map locaters, attain free guest passes to participating fitness centers, participate in online fitness activity tracking, and much more.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) plans

• Take your health plan information on the go with free mobile app. BCBSM also has a convenient free app you can use to manage your health insurance. Download the mobile app by searching BCBSM at the Apple App Store or at Android Google Play.

• Receive education, disease management guidance and discounts. Your plan might offer free counseling, education, and support for people with chronic diseases or mental health issues. Some plans offer discounts for health and wellness products and services, like gym memberships, nutrition educational resources and personal care items. For example, BCBSM has a program called Blue365® that offers valuable Michigan-based discounts. Visit Blue365.com and log in to your BCBSM account to browse all current offers.

• Help kicking the habit. Many plans offer quit-smoking coaches, hotlines, support groups, or discounts on products to help you quit smoking.

MDA Insurance offers the gamut of insurance coverage for you, your family and employees. Now is the time to schedule a free one-on-one personal consultation with an MDA Insurance representative to ensure your insurance needs are covered and you are protected across the board. Call 877-906-9924 or visit “Health Insurance” under the “MDA Insurance Programs” section at mdaprograms.com.