MDA Insurance / MDA Services welcomes new Chair Dr. Michael Booth

Dr. Michael Booth, of Fraser, is the new chair of the MDA Insurance and MDA Services Board of Trustees, succeeding Dr. Dale Nester. Dr. Booth has served on the board since 2004, most recently as vice chair. His column will appear quarterly in this space. I believe members who have had interactions with our for-profit subsidiary staff recognize the value of their MDA membership. Not only do MDA Insurance and MDA Services staff strive to bring us the best insurance and endorsed business and financial programs, they also go the extra mile to save us time and money—and to look out for your health.
During the COVID crisis, MDA Services has been inundated by members seeking appropriate face masks, and by vendors who purport to have KN-95 and N95 masks available. The legitimacy of each of these vendors’ products was vetted and sadly, found not to meet the FDA/NIOSH requirements. However, we have found success in sourcing face shields, sanitizer, and other protective products essential to your practice. Find them now at Additionally, as of this writing, MDA Services is working with Whirlpool Corp. to test a powered air purifying respirator that could eliminate the need for a mask altogether. While the struggle for personal protective equipment continues, know that our team is doing all it can to keep potentially dangerous products away from our members and to find reliable products to solve our problems.
I encourage you to use our endorsed programs and insurance products to make the most of your MDA membership. Join me in visiting or call 800-860-2272 whenever you are looking for a new product, or service for your practice.