Get Prepared to e-prescribe Now

Electronically prescribing ALL medications will be the law Oct. 1. By e-prescribing everything from antifungals to antibiotics to pain meds, you reduce steps and save time. Here are five ways cloud-based iCoreRx e-prescribing software streamlines the process.
1. The software can integrate with MAPS for quick PMP checks.
2. You can access a patient’s FULL prescription history over the past five years.
3. Rapidly-search drug information with the built-in Lexicomp drug directory.
4. e-prescribe on any computer, laptop, tablet or phone.
5. e-prescribe from anywhere whether at work or outside of the office.
Visit or call 888-810-7706. MDA members receive a 43% discount on iCoreRx e-prescribing software.