Stop Paying Too Much for Credit Card Processing

If you are like the average practice that switches to Best Card for credit card processing, your practice is likely paying 24% too much! An MDA member shared his personal experience working with Best Card:
“I had been using Comerica Merchant Services to process credit card payments and my fees crept up over the years. I requested a cost comparison from Best Card and was impressed the savings they showed me. My effective rate went from 7.52% to as little as 2.48%, and now I’m using a swipe or chip terminal that is much faster and more secure.
“I’m happy with the savings and with the great personal service from Best Card. Now I don’t mind people paying by credit card! I’m glad we made the switch.”

—Don Thill, Jr., DDS
Grosse Pointe, MI

Let Best Card analyze a current credit card processing statement and provide you with a detailed, honest savings estimate.  To take advantage of this free, no-obligation analysis and get a $5 Amazon gift card, fax your recent credit card processing statement to 866-717-7247 or email it to Call 877-739-3952 with any questions.