Reduce Absenteeism and Promote Productivity with Surgically Clean Air

Bio-aerosols, ill patients, chemicals and dust are all massive contributors to indoor air contamination in dental offices. Many practices have insufficient HVAC systems that simply recirculate bacteria, viruses and other airborne particulates into the air daily without refreshing the air. MDA endorses Surgically Clean Air to substantially improve the quality of indoor air for dental practices. Surgically Clean Air offers numerous benefits for a healthier environment:
• Decreases pollutants: Its medical-grade air purifiers remove 99 percent of in-air particulates such as chemicals, toxins, germs, odors and importantly, airborne viruses, to help reduce the spread of illness.
• Increases comfort: Your staff will experience a reduction in headaches, fatigue, itchy eyes, dry skin, coughing, sneezing and the need for inhalers.
• Increases productivity: Expect increased productivity because studies show that removing pollutants can increase productivity by up to 16%.
• Decreases absenteeism: Person-to-person viral contamination is a significant problem in dental practices, given that windows often do not open and bio-aerosols from every patient are mixed in the air.
• Improves morale and reduces patient anxiety: Your staff and patients will greatly appreciate the noticeably fresher air, and the fact that you care so much about their health and comfort.
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