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40 percent of adults said they do not plan to visit a dentist in the next 12 months because of COST*

Every practice has patients who postpone or cancel appointments. And every practice has patients who delay or decline treatment. A recent study suggests that cost remains the primary reason patients avoid dentistry. CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that can be used as a financing option for certain expenses not covered by insurance or to… Continue reading

Eagle Associates Simplifies HIPAA, OSHA and OIG Compliance

After an extensive nationwide search for a reliable and simple solution to the burden of HIPAA, OSHA and OIG compliance, the MDA recently endorsed Eagle Associates. Eagle Associates is an Ann Arbor-based company that has provided compliance consulting for dental and medical practices since 1988. MDA and Eagle Associates have developed various tiers of service,… Continue reading

5 Tips from SoFi for Student Loan Refinancing

Journal ‘ Endorsed Programs News’ November 2016 issue SoFi has refinanced $10 billion in student loans for over 170,000 borrowers across the United States. Through our partnership, MDA members can apply via and qualify for a rate discount upon refinancing. Consolidating multiple student loan balances into one new loan with a low-interest rate and… Continue reading

Four Easy Tips to Capture Added Revenue From Your Precious Metal Refining

Journal ‘ Endorsed Programs News’ November 2016 issue Dentists may routinely collect failed crowns and bridges for precious metal refining. But there are other less known income opportunities in precious metal refining you may have overlooked. Bench lemels and grindings Trimmed work from crown construction represents the highest return of all lab waste. These grindings and other high-value… Continue reading