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3 Reasons to Purchase All Your Dental Supplies from the MDA Services Gloves & Supplies Program

There’s no question dental professionals have a vast array of choices for making their dental supply purchases. Many dentists leave these decisions to their staff, trusting they are making wise fiscal and quality selections. However, if your practice is not purchasing from the MDA-endorsed MDA Services Gloves & Supplies, here are three compelling reasons why… Continue reading

Enhance Revenue by Retaining Your Patients

When opening your dental practice your number one goal is to acquire new patients. But once you’ve acquired those patients, your new challenge is to retain every one of them. Retaining your patients is actually cheaper—yes, cheaper — and more profitable for your practice than acquiring new ones. Your best bet to retain your patients… Continue reading

Financial planning that evolves with your dental career

One goal of every MDA member is to build and preserve personal wealth. Attaining this goal should start on the first day of your professional career and continue throughout your years of active practice and into retirement. DBS Financial Advisers is endorsed by the MDA because they specialize in working with dentists, at every stage… Continue reading

Give your malpractice insurance a tuneup

Does your professional liability insurance renew this summer? Whether you're buying coverage for the first time, or have had the same policy for years, now is the time for MDA Insurance to give your coverage a thorough tuneup. Our professional staff can review your policy to ensure you are adequately protected and also provide you… Continue reading

Register Today for Your Staples Business Advantage Savings

MDA-endorsed Staples Business Advantage® provides MDA members with maximum savings on all your dental office needs. There’s no risk. No fees. Just savings! Michigan Dental Association has already negotiated the terms. So take advantage today. Sign up in just one easy step! Visit to register today! Within 24 to 48 hours after registering, you… Continue reading