MDA-endorsed vendors helping members succeed

  • CareCredit helps patients afford dentistry. The CareCredit credit card is often used to help patients pay for elective treatment such as veneers, clear aligners or implants.  And it’s  a good option for patients who don’t  have dental insurance. For free resources call 800-859-9975, option 1, then 6. Yet to accept CareCredit?  Call 866-246-9227.
  • See how much you can save with Best Card. Best Card, the MDA endorsed credit card processing company, offers you a free rate analysis to show you what you can save by switching to them. One Texas dentist will save almost $94,000 in one year. What might you save? Send your recent credit card processing invoice to or fax it to 866-717-7247. They’ll send you a $5 Amazon gift card for the opportunity to show you the savings.
  • Internet marketing and your website, simplified. Contact the MDA-endorsed ProSites to save up to 70% on various website and marketing solutions with ProSites. You’ll be delighted with the range of their services, and with your savings. Visit or call 888-932-3644 and mention your MDA membership.
  • Refine your precious metals and get a 7% bonus. Precious metal values remain very high. Refine now using the MDA-endorsed DMMEX EasyRefine and when you enclose the coupon accessible here, you’ll receive a total MDA-member bonus of 7% on your refined dental scrap. Request your free shipping kit here.
  • Try Solmetex for practice waste management. Solmetex can be your go-to solution for sharps, amalgam, lead apron disposal and much more. Visit the MDA-endorsed practice waste management vendor or call 800-216-5505 for assistance.

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