It’s Nearly Time to Make Important Decisions on Health Insurance for 2021

In a year when health risks have been uppermost in people’s minds, it has
never been more important to have a good health plan. The fourth quarter of
every year is when every American has the opportunity to sign up for a
health insurance plan for the following year. Be certain to take advantage of
the correct open enrollment period for the type of health plan you are eligible
for. The open enrollment period is the only time you elect a health plan for
the following year, unless you have a qualifying life event.
If you are a member of the MDA Health Plan, open enrollment occurs
Oct. 15 through Nov. 30 for plans effective Jan. 1, 2021. Subscribers to the
MDA Health Plan can select a different plan design and add people to their
plan. Sponsors of the MDA Health Plan can change the number of hours an
employee must work to be eligible for the plan, change how much they
contribute toward the plan, and when employees are terminated from the
plan after they leave employment.
Open enrollment for individual health plans begins Nov. 1 and ends
Dec. 15. Plans will be effective Jan. 1. Don’t miss this narrow window to
enroll in an individual plan, or you will not be able to get health insurance in
2021 unless you have a qualifying event.
Medicare Supplement (including the MDA Retiree Health Plan),
Medicare Advantage and Medigap Plan open enrollment begins Oct. 15
and ends Dec. 7 for plans effective Jan. 1, 2021. This is the only time you
can switch plans, so be sure you are in the right plan for your needs.
If you are in a commercially insured small or large group plan, your
open enrollment period is the month of the enrollment anniversary. Group
plans, however, can be started at any time of the year.
As a member benefit, the MDA Insurance health staff are available all year
long for any questions relating to health insurance. Call 877-906-9924 to speak
with a representative for personal assistance or visit