Henry Schein and TDSC Join Forces to Form New Entity

A significant change happened in the U.S. dental supply market in October, when Henry Schein completed the agreement with the California Dental Association’s The Dentists Supply Company to become TDSC.com, Powered by Henry Schein. The CDA retains an interest in the newly formed operating company. An advisory committee consisting of 12 dental association leaders including MDA Executive Director Karen Burgess, dentists and others are on the advisory committee. TDSC.com, Powered by Henry Schein remains committed to serving members of organized dentistry and offering everyday low prices, according to Stanley M. Bergman, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of
Henry Schein. The power of Henry Schein brings several enhancements that will make the online dental supply retailer more robust: More inventory available for dentists to purchase, and a distribution system with locations strategically located to provide faster, more reliable order delivery anywhere in the United States.

MDA members are encouraged to shop at TDSC.com, Powered by Henry Schein. Former TDSC.com customers should visit the site again to see the refreshed inventory of in-demand personal protective equipment. Like all dental suppliers, TDSC.com, Powered by Henry Schein, does have purchase quantity restrictions on certain items to help meet the demand of all customers. Call customer care at 877-484-6149 or 888-253-1223, or email support@tdsc.com if you need assistance shopping the site.