Health Insurance: We’ve got anything you need! By Tina Voss, Director, Health & Life Operations

“I didn’t know MDA Insurance did that!” As the director of health and life operations at MDA Insurance, I hear members say that all too often after they have purchased health insurance from another insurance agent and called us for help with their plan. If there is one message I’d love for every MDA member to hear it’s this: When you need health insurance, call MDA Insurance.

Need an individual or group plan for you or your practice? Wow. Do we have options for you! The MDA Health Plan, an exclusive member benefit, could be the answer you need. If it’s not, we have BCBSM group plans. We work with other carriers, too. We are able to assist with a Marketplace plans since the federal Marketplace has reopened (Feb. 15–Aug. 15, 2021) to help get people insured during the pandemic. If you miss that window, we have short-term medical plans for people who need access to a plan but are ineligible for other coverage until the next open enrollment period.

If you are turning 65 and need Medicare, we have an agent whose focus is on Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans. And of course, the MDA Retiree Health plan is available to Medicare-aged doctors whether they are working or retired.

Did you know that we have critical illness and accident policies to help pay deductible expenses and other costs associated with a critical illness or accidental injury? Yes, and we also have a travel insurance policy to address medical expense when you are out of the country.

Honestly, MDA Insurance has literally anything you need. Working with MDA Insurance is an important member benefit. Be sure you’re taking advantage of it with something as important as your health insurance. Call us at 877-906-9924!