Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Employment Practices Liability Coverage

The threat of Employment Practices Liability (EPL) claims against dentists should be taken seriously. Employee claims for wrongful termination, sexual harassment or discrimination are just a few of the allegations for which employers may be held liable. Even charges without merit require costly legal defense to address properly.
EPL is one of the coverages that many doctors assume they have, or that it is included as part of another policy. This may be the case in some situations but it is critically important to verify it with your insurance agent. If you do not have EPL coverage, strongly consider adding it to your portfolio. Without it, you could be responsible for some very unpleasant bills should a claim arise.

Fortunately, premiums for this important coverage are quite reasonable. Policies can be written with a variety of features and limits, but anything is better than nothing at all. To learn more about EPL insurance options or to get a quote, call MDA Insurance at 800-860-2272 or visit