Does Your Professional Liability Carrier Help You Avoid Claims?

You should have confidence that procedures in your office protect you
against malpractice claims. And while professional liability insurance policies
are written to cover claims that arise, it’s always preferable to avoid claims
altogether. Fortunately, the MDA-endorsed Professional Protector Plan (PPP)
isn’t just an insurance policy. In fact, the foundation of the program is the
philosophy that dentists should not only have insurance protection, but they
should also have the tools necessary to minimize their exposure to claims or
dental incidents that can disrupt a practice.
Dentists insured through the PPP have access to a variety of risk
management resources that enhance patient care and reduce the risk of
experiencing a malpractice claim. If you have an immediate need or urgent
situation arise, the risk management helpline stands ready to assist you
in navigating the issue so that it, hopefully, does not become a bigger
problem—or a claim. To fully educate you and your team, the highly
regarded risk management seminars offered by the PPP at no cost to
policyholders are available in both classroom and online formats. Beyond
the valuable training and education, you will also qualify for a discount on
your PPP premium for three consecutive years upon completion.
If your professional liability insurance carrier doesn’t help you manage or
reduce risk, you may wonder how they will handle claims. The PPP, created
by dentists for dentists in 1969, sets the standard for superior service,
outstanding coverage, dedicated legal counsel and expert claim handling.
Now is a good time to review your coverage and see if you would benefit
from a program offering more than just insurance.
For a PPP quote, call MDA Insurance at 800-860-2272 and speak with
a commercial lines agent or complete a quote request form online at