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3 financial moves to make before year-end. Be sure you are saving toward your post-career years so you can enjoy financial freedom when you put down the dental drill. MDA-endorsed
DBS Investment Advisers, LLC (DBSIA) has three tips for year-end readiness.
1. Fully fund your retirement plan. Retirement plans have annual maximums for deferrals. Deferrals are the contributions made from your paycheck into an employer’s plan.
2. Rebalance your portfolio. Most investors will have a target asset allocation—the percentage of their portfolio in various types of investments. Investors should rebalance at least annually.
3. Consider adding a cash balance or profit-sharing plan. This allows for higher levels of tax-deductible funding for key employees than does a 401(k).
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DBSIA has a paid endorsement with the MDA. MDA is not a client of DBSIA and has financial incentive to promote their services.
DBS has a financial arrangement to compensate the MDA for providing marketing services and promoting DBSIA’s services. This arrangement
is compensated via quarterly checks and is not based off of client referrals.