At a Glance

• Insurance verifications just
got EASY. Tired of tying up staff
for 20-plus hours a week
verifying insurance record-byrecord?
We thought so.
MDA-endorsed iCoreVerify
automated insurance verification
generates reports for thousands
of patients at once, up to seven
days before their appointment,
and quickly identifies errors for
correction. Use those extra 20
hours a week getting patients
scheduled and generating
revenue. Book a free demo at or call
888-810-7706. MDA members
receive 40% off iCoreVerify.
• Retirement planning starts
today. It is never too early in
your career to develop a saving
and investment plan to fund
your retirement. But delaying
this planning can mean working
for many years longer than
you’d like. The MDA endorses
DBS Investment Advisers, LLC
to help members plan, save, and
invest for their retirement. DBSIA
can provide group retirement
accounts, such as 401(k) plans,
as well as individual investment
accounts. Unlike many
investment advisers, DBSIA
welcomes working with young
dentists, as well as with
seasoned dentists who have an
existing portfolio—and those
in-between. Retirement planning
is rarely a do-it-yourself task.
Contact Ted Schumann II at or call
800-327-2377 to learn more.