Hygienists Malpractice Insurance

Dental hygienists sometimes need or prefer to have their own professional liability insurance coverage.

Is stand-alone coverage right for you?

Stand alone coverage may be a consideration if you:

  • Work in multiple offices or in a temporary capacity in different offices.
  • Volunteer at health clinics, nursing homes, schools, etc. where coverage is not provided or may be inadequate.
  • Provide consulting services in a free-lance capacity.
  • Wish to control your own coverage, select your own limits, deductibles, etc.

Some benefits of carrying your own professional liability insurance:

  •  The full policy limit will be available to respond to a claim leveled against you. The limits of employer-provided coverage apply to all parties named in the malpractice allegation, and limits of coverage are shared. Purchasing an individual professional liability policy ensures limits specifically for the dental hygienist.
  • Your own policy will help you protect your personal finances and career.

Coverage Options:

MDA Insurance does not have a direct appointment or affiliation with any carrier or program offering professional liability insurance to dental hygienists or assistants. However, there are several options available in the market. We encourage you to explore all of these options, as well as any others not listed, and select the plan which best suits your individual needs: