HHS Announces Phase 3 Of Provider Relief Fund

The ADA News (10/1, Solana) reports the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is allocating $20 billion in new funding for health care providers, including many dentists. The Provider Relief Fund was established by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act — known as the CARES Act — and allows dental providers to apply for payments made for health care-related expenses or lost revenue attributable to the pandemic. The funds, distributed through the Health Resources and Services Administration, is part of the Phase 3 General Provider Relief Fund. Eligible dentists can begin applying for funds Oct. 5 through Nov. 6.

For more information about the ADA’s advocacy efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit ADA.org/COVID19Advocacy

PPE availability

• Demand for personal protective equipment, such as N-95 masks and isolation gowns,  continues to be extremely high due to COVID-19. Dental supply companies are having difficulty obtaining PPE for dentists. This video provides helpful information on the status of the dental supply chain and offers useful insights into how to vet the validity of offers to purchase PPE that may come into your inbox or be presented by others. You’ll learn how to identify real N-95 and KN-95 masks, and what steps The Dentists Supply Company takes to vet products before they enter the supply chain. LEARN MORE >>

• View the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) guide to identifying counterfeit N-95 masks: LEARN MORE >>

• Be sure the manufacturer of any KN-95 mask you are considering purchasing appears on this list of imported, approved respirator masks.
Beware of counterfeits: LEARN MORE>>


Guidance to Help You Make Informed Decisions
for Your Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the confusing and stressful time since the COVID-19 quarantine was first instated, your membership with the MDA has never been more valuable to you and your practice. It has your best interest at heart and can help you on all fronts affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many practices have been overwhelmed by the necessary employment, financial and insurance decisions they are confronting. MDA Insurance has compiled effective, accurate resources to help you disseminate the information, and provide guidance to help you make informed decisions for your practice.

Below is a list of helpful links to useful information:

The Michigan Dental Association “Coronavirus Update” page

Staff directory: For a complete listing of staff by department, please click here.

MDA Health Plan subscribers: If you are an MDA Health Plan  sponsor or subscriber, please click here for updates and reassurance regarding your coverage.

Employer-provided insurance: There are many questions arising about how work interruption will affect health insurance coverage. Employers are being encouraged to place employees on paid or unpaid leaves of absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Click here to learn more.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan/ Blue Care Network Group Insurance: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network will allow employers to extend coverage to their employees who are affected during temporary closures or are temporarily laid off or have temporary reduced hours. Continued premium payment during this time is essential. Click here for more information.

How COVID-19 effects other types of insurance: In general, property and casualty insurance policies may not treat pandemics as covered perils, while life, health and disability policies may provide some coverage depending on policy provisions and normal claims procedures. The only way to make a coverage determination is to file a claim with your carrier so they can review the incident and decide if it is payable under your policy. Click here to learn more.

Guidance for filing for unemployment:   Helpful information regarding the unemployment online filing and call center filing schedule, and guidance for filing for federal loans.

File a claim: Should you need to report an auto, home or property claim, please contact your insurance company claim department at the numbers listed below:

• Should you need to report a life, disability, business overhead, sickness or accident insurance claim, please contact MDA Insurance at 800-860-2272 and enter Shawn Haindel’s extension #442 or email her at shaindel@mdaifg.com.