MDA Endorses Best Card for Your Practice’s Credit Card Processing Solution

The MDA endorses Best Card for credit card processing. On average, Best Card saved dentists $2,466 per year on credit card processing in 2018. That equates to about 23 percent. Best Card was developed specifically for the dental profession and is endorsed by 25 state dental associations. The MDA itself uses Best Card to process member dues and has received superior support and services from the Best Card team. The Best Card team has a deep knowledge of dental practices’ challenges and needs and offers a high-touch customer service experience to its participating practices. When you call Best Card for
assistance, you will talk to a person, not a prompt.
“We are confident we have the best credit card processing system
available to dentists,” says Dr. Dale Nester, chair of the MDA Insurance &
Financial Group board. “An extensive vetting process has brought us to
Best Card, a company that focuses on serving the needs of the dental
profession and understands the high-touch requirements our members
expect and appreciate. Best Card has invested heavily in technology that
overlays the most popular dental practice management software to allow
credit card transactions to post directly to patient accounts. Best Card
would not enjoy the endorsement of so many dental associations if it did
not live up to its promises and serve members well with a cost-saving
Pricing options include: tiered, which groups like cards together for a
blended, flat rate, or Interchange Plus, which is the actual cost VISA,
MasterCard and Discover charges, plus 0.30 percent, with $0 fee per
transaction cleared.
Often, existing equipment can be reprogrammed to process through
Best Card; inexpensive replacement equipment is available. Other benefits
of using Best Card:
• Free no-obligation savings analysis; receive $5 Amazon gift card.
Fax or email a statement to 866-717-7247 or CompareRates@
• No start-up fee or monthly minimums.
• No long-term contracts; only $25 cancellation fee in first three
years, $0 after 3 years.
• BCPay facilitates safe, secure online payments.
• Web payments and recurring payments supported
• Optional auto-post into many dental software programs.

Visit the MDA Services section of or call 877-739-3952 to learn more and get started.