3 Reasons to Purchase All Your Dental Supplies from the MDA Services Gloves & Supplies Program

There’s no question dental professionals have a vast array of choices for making their dental supply purchases. Many dentists leave these decisions to their staff, trusting they are making wise fiscal and quality selections. However, if your practice is not purchasing from the MDA-endorsed MDA Services Gloves & Supplies, here are three compelling reasons why you should switch:
1. The program is uniquely member-centric and designed to keep money in members’ pockets. Practices easily save $3,000 per year or more.
2. Enjoy free shipping and lower prices on the products you use every day, risk-free, all from a stellar member service team focused on your total satisfaction. You will receive concierge service on every order.
3. A portion of everything you buy is returned to the MDA to support organized dentistry—so you can feel good about your purchase!
Contact MDA Services Gloves & Supplies or call 877-484-6149 for free samples of gloves and masks. Visit to see all our products and check out our third-quarter specials!