Get on track with the latest payment security protocols

By now, you’ve probably heard a great deal about EMV chip cards and securing your practice’s network. Be certain that the physical security at your practice is also in tip-top shape. Here are some places to start to ensure your business has physical security practices in place that foster data security:
• Protect sensitive data. Make sure staff who run your POS terminals never write down full card numbers and associated sensitive data, for any reason.
• Know the signs of fraud. Your staff should know some of the most common signs of fraudulent credit and debit cards such as a card number printed unevenly or in what appears to be different fonts, or a magnetic stripe visibly damaged to the point that it appears intentional.
• Inspect your equipment. Data thieves secretly install tiny devices called “skimmers” on payment equipment that captures and transmits card data. You should regularly inspect all your POS terminals, card readers and PIN pads to ensure nothing out of the ordinary has been affixed to any of these machines by anyone.

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