Text Reviews Can Modernize Your Patient Communications in 2018

Dental practices rely heavily upon their online reputation through patient reviews. However, unless patients have a specific experience they would like to address with their dental practice, most patients won’t bother logging online to write a review. Every dental practice can expand its reach and generate more positive reviews through mobile text.

“Quick Text Review” from Demandforce provides a simple and convenient method for patients to review their dentist. All the practice has to do is request verbal consent to send its patients text messages to review their experiences. The text message will contain a link to the review request. Once the review is completed it will be automatically published on your website as well as on Google and Yelp.

You can also collect the text opt-ins to grow your contact list. With a 98 percent text open rate (compared to 20-30 percent for email) and 209 percent higher engagement over phone calls, this new Demandforce feature will help your practice drive more reviews in real time. This, and many more features, are now available through MDA-endorsed Demandforce!

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