MDA Services Gloves & Supplies program exceeds expectations again with added supplies for 2017

Since its inception in 2007, the MDA Services Gloves & Supplies program has built a suite of products designed to meet and exceed the needs of MDA members—and this  quarter’s additions are no exception. Now with over 200 new SKUs and 1,100 products, new to the lineup are bite registration trays and impression material, restorative crowns and bridge material,  composites, pre-bent needle tips, imaging film and much, much more.

“Our practice spent $12,821 with one dental supplier in a year’s time on gloves and disposable purchases.  Included in that is $540 of shipping and handling charges. We switched to Association Gloves & Supplies in June 2016. In one year we spent $9,155, a savings of $3,666 in just one year—and got free shipping! Wow, that’s something to get excited about!”

—Dr. Glenn E. Appleton, Drs. Maginnis and AppletoN, Prosthodontics & Family Dentistry,  Baton Rouge, LA

MDA Services Gloves & Supplies, known as Association Gloves & Supplies by 22 endorsing dental associations across the country, saves members thousands annually. For a complete product listing, visit or call 877-484-6149.