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A new way for MDA members to save on dental supplies.

Since 2007, MDA Services Gloves & Supplies has helped Michigan Dental Association members save substantially on exam gloves, masks, disposables and other high-use dental supplies.

This program has reduced the cost of dental supplies, helping to level the playing field between solo practitioners or small group practices and large practices with significant buying power. MDA Services Gloves & Supplies has proved to be a significant disruptor to the traditional dental supply chain.

Now, we are poised to make an even bigger impact on how dental supplies are purchased by allying MDA Services Gloves & Supplies with The Dentists Supply Company (TDSC).

As a member, you benefit from 24/7 access to shop for the supplies you need:

20% average savings compared to MSRP*

  • Wide selection of supplies and small equipment
  • Authorized vendors for every single product
  • Free shipping on every order, no minimums

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Price Compare

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Get Guidance

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* Price comparisons are made to the manufacturer’s list price. Actual savings on will vary on a product-by-product basis.