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Amalgam Separators

The MDA is proud to have selected Dental Recycling North America (DRNA) and SolmeteX as endorsed vendors for amalgam separators. Below is information on these two companies.

Dental Recycling North America (DRNA)

DRNA Business Card GraphicDRNA is committed to being the national leader in dental waste management services, and is offering MDA Members receive substantial savings on amalgam separators. DRNA's amalgam separator solutions include:

  • BU10 Amalgam Separator--Recycle only once a year; suitable for up to 8 operatories
  • BU10-30--Recycle only once a year; suitable for 9 or more operatories

All models are functional on all vacuum systems, are maintenance-free and cartridge-free, install easily and have a 1-year parts warranty. Waste is recycled at a US EPA-certified facility.

DRNA's Signature Assurance Program provides a complete audit trail for collected waste.

Prices include free on-demand pick up and pre-paid shipping, recycling and all compliance documentation.

For more information on the amalgam separators from DRNA, please visit or call 800.360.1001, ext. 17.

DRNA Prices for MDA members

Read Dr. Albert Frost's article discussing pending EPA amalgam recycling rules and how they may impact Michigan dentists.


SolmeteX logo

Solmetex is a leader in amalgam separation technology and waste removal compliance, enabling dental offices to confidently run their practices safely and with a clear conscience.  With our proven experience and end to end service, we are a total solutions provider for dental practices. We are focused on keeping the dental practice clean, environmentally safe and regulation compliant. 


The benefits that SolmeteX offers to Michigan Dental Association members is a free collection  container now with recycling included! The container and the recycling package is a $338 vlaue. Use this link to access the Member Benefit Form to be used when you initially purchase your SolmeteX Hg5 amalgam separator.

When a dental office purchases an Hg5 standard or Hg5 mini amalgam separator, it is entitled to one free collection container and recycling. MDA members who purchase an Hg5 HV (high volume) amalgam separator are entitled to two free collection containers. 

Benefits of the SolmeteX amalgam separator:

  • ISO Certified greater than 99 percent;
  • functional with wet or dry vacuum systems;
  • flexible design can be free standing or wall mounted;
  • no contracts with hidden fees;
  • no electricity;
  • no daily maintenance or decanting; and
  • no timer.

For more information on the amalgam separator services with Solmetex, please visit or call 800.216.5505.


The MDA receives royalties when members use the product or services described above.