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Precious Scrap Metal Refining

Precious metals are at all-time highs. MDA members can maximize scrap metal returns using cutting-edge technology with the EasyRefine scrap metal recovery program offered through D-MMEX, endorsed by the Michigan Dental Association.

As an MDA member you will receive a 5 percent bonus on the value of recovered precious metals. Take advantage of the following EasyRefine benefits:

  • No charge for melt and assay.
  • All-element requested analysis including gold, platinum, palladium and silver.
  • Pre-paid FEDEX shipping.
  • Cashier check settlement within 10 working days.
  • Detailed breakdown of shipped contents.
  • Trade bullion terms on London-Based Market:
    • Gold 97%
    • Platinum 90%
    • Silver 90%
    • Palladium 85%

Hazardous materials such as lead foil and mercury-based amalgam cannot be accepted.

D-MMEX EasyRefine was extensively tested by the MDA and consistently demonstrated a commitment to assisting MDA members in maximizing precious scrap metal returns in a detailed, ethical, and professional manner, with returns improving by as much as 30 percent on clients' existing arrangements. For secure scrap shipping material or more details on the EasyRefine program, please contact MDA Services at 800.860.2272, ext. 465.




The MDA receives royalties when members use the product or services described above.